Happy Tuesday beautiful!

I hope you’ve been enjoying Lioness Arising – both the book and your Summer Group!  I can’t believe we’re already in Week 4, meaning we are halfway done!  I have been so challenged.  Actually, “challenged” isn’t quite the right word.  I have been straight up confronted.  Some areas of insecurity in my life that I did not know even existed have been CONFRONTED!  Ouch.  But “good” ouch.  I hope the same has been true for you. 😉Read More

Jenni is the wife of Jonathan Spuler, Malbis Campus Pastor. Jenni serves CityHope by leading CityHope Women. She has grown to adore the sport of soccer, as all 5 of her kids play competitively. When the family is not traveling for soccer tournaments, she loves family time at the backyard fire pit at nights.