Happy Tuesday beautiful!

I hope you’ve been enjoying Lioness Arising – both the book and your Summer Group!  I can’t believe we’re already in Week 4, meaning we are halfway done!  I have been so challenged.  Actually, “challenged” isn’t quite the right word.  I have been straight up confronted.  Some areas of insecurity in my life that I did not know even existed have been CONFRONTED!  Ouch.  But “good” ouch.  I hope the same has been true for you. 😉

Today you may be looking for some extra encouragement – some motivation for your week!  I want to be sure you knew that the Unique 2017 sessions have been posted.  Maybe it’s time we look back and listen in again at how God captured our hearts that weekend. Time has passed and life has taken off full speed for us all.  Let’s pause, listen back, and believe again!

We love you so much and believe God’s absolute best for you.

Here’s the link for Unique 2017 Sessions: Planted: Unique Conference 2017.  Also, the videos are attached below.

Much love,




Jenni is the wife of Jonathan Spuler, Malbis Campus Pastor. Jenni serves CityHope by leading CityHope Women. She has grown to adore the sport of soccer, as all 5 of her kids play competitively. When the family is not traveling for soccer tournaments, she loves family time at the backyard fire pit at nights.