Ashes were never meant to be our identity!
Becky Taylor

Isa 61:3a“to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes”

This is probably one of my most favorite chapters in the Bible. It screams of the promises God gives us through redemption. Not just redemption for the sinner, but redemption for those already mourning in Zion. It’s to His chosen, His people, His sons and daughters. One thing I have humbly learned is that God’s redemption is for me daily. Yes, He saved me but does it stop there?  No! His redemptive power is constantly saving me, redeeming me, and setting me free!

God promises to give us, His princess daughters, beauty. Beauty in the place of all the ashes. Wherever you see ashes you know that a fire has been present.  All that remains are the ashes of what once was. In the Bible, we read about how ashes symbolize great sadness, loss, grief, and repentance. It was an outward expression of how they felt inside. But ladies, ashes were never meant to be our identity! We walk around like this daily. Inside of our hearts there are remnants of ashes from what once was. Dreams, visions, joy, peace, identity, laughter, innocence, and the list goes on. BUT God says “daughter, let me give you beauty in its place”. Trust God with your ashes, and let Him breathe life over you. His breath will cause beauty to spring up in it’s place!

There is one catch – this is an exchange. It’s God giving you beauty as you release your ashes to Him. It’s when we deserved one thing, but He gives us another. I pray today you can quiet your heart before Him and ask where He wants to give this beautiful exchange in your life. He wants to adorn you with His rubies, sapphires, and diamonds. He wants to place a flowering crown of beauty on your head. You are beautiful and you are so loved!