Will the God of the universe come down from on high and see me?
– Jerri Taylor

Isa 61:1b – “He has sent me to comfort the brokenhearted, to proclaim that the captive will be released and prisoners will be freed.”

Have you ever looked out over the vast ocean or surveyed the landscape from a mountaintop and marveled at the greatness of God? We see His glory and majesty in every sunrise and sunset. Will the God of the universe come down from on high and see me? Does He really know me?

Isaiah shows us God’s heart. Here we see the Almighty God tenderly caring for us. God’s heart is near the hurting. He sent His anointed one, Jesus, to heal our broken heart. As women, we connect very quickly with our heart. All of us have experienced the heartache of broken relationships, disappointments, rejection, and loneliness. Nothing else hurts quite like a broken heart. Only Jesus can take away the ache and the pain and replace it with comfort, joy, and peace.

Is there a habit that is holding us captive? Is there a sin that has us imprisoned? Does our mind wander to negative thoughts and imaginations? Jesus has paid the price to set us free. We are granted freedom and a full pardon. Thru the grace of God, we are totally pardoned from everything that we’ve ever done or will ever do. Fully understanding that we are now without spot or blemish will change how we see ourselves and how we see others.

Let’s pause for a moment and reflect upon our journey of faith. Can we remember the beginning of this journey? Can we remember when we fully surrendered to the wooing of our Heavenly Father? Can we remember how we felt when we said yes, and let God fill us with His love and freedom? Thinking back to that time can reignite a spark in our hearts. It gives us a new and fresh revelation of how much God sees us, knows us, and loves us.