“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” – Romans 12:12

Whether you’re still on a high from Unique Conf or you’re running on empty from a busy weekend, this is for YOU! And we’re so glad you’re here.

One of the most beautiful and astonishing things about God is that He
created every one of us with a unique identity and purpose. He created each of us with different traits, characteristics, gifts and purposes. But as women, we tend to fall into a trap of comparison, especially with each other. Whether it’s comparing the kind of clothes we wear, our body shapes, our relationship status, our careers, our successes or how many likes we get on a social media post, it’s a very real and common thing! Thoughts of comparison can easily flood our minds every day if we let it. It can completely consume us and drive us in the wrong direction. This kind of comparison brings nothing but poison into our lives. No good fruit stems from this trap. It only produces bad fruit within us, storing up jealousy, insecurity, fear, resentment, worry, a lack of confidence and even division in our relationships. Instead of comparison, God wants us to link arms with one another and rise up as a sisterhood of unique believers! What if we started embracing our God-given differences instead of struggling to live up to each other’s identity? He simply wants us to seek Him! The more we know who God is, the more we know who we are. Don’t let comparison hold you back from the beautiful, individualized and abundant life God has for YOU to live.

You are a daughter of the most high, created to fulfill a purpose greater than you can possibly imagine! A purpose so unique that no one else but you can fulfill it. He’s calling us each by name, pursuing us relentlessly, and urging us to keep fighting! Fighting for what? For each other’s identities as we experience trials, tribulation and persecution ALL for the glory of God! Hold tight, don’t give up and embrace who God has created YOU to be!

I want to encourage you to go on this 11 day journey with us as we reflect on Isaiah 61 together. Let go and lay aside anything that is distracting you. As hard as it might be to turn off the world around you, do whatever it takes to tune in with an open heart. God has something specific in store for YOU. He never fails to give us exactly what we need. God defines us, redeems us, and uses us. This is just the beginning of something incredible that God wants to do in your life!